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Computercraft(PC) + Iphone control = god ._.

SebaTeck's Photo SebaTeck 12 Oct 2012

i bought some day ago an iphone 4s :3
So i was thinking to combine iphone and computercraft,somethings like a turtle commanded by a controller on the iphone or something like that :Q

GopherAtl's Photo GopherAtl 12 Oct 2012

there's a pastebin app for the iphone, assuming it lets you edit pastes you could program a turtle to pull the paste at some regular intervals and use that as a mechanism to send turtles commands or even new programs. You could probably modify the put command in the pastebin lua program in cc to upload a new version of a paste rather than create a new paste as well, which would allow the turtle to send status and log info you could get on your phone. You might wind up getting your server banned from pastebin if your turtle is either polling or updating too frequently, though.

Dirkus7's Photo Dirkus7 12 Oct 2012

You can try this:
- A turtle remote control program (you can make this yourself or try mine
- iPhone remote joystick app (for controlling the pc)
- A keymapper if needed (set it that you have the WASD keys, or any key you configured in the turtle program)