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Copying programs into Minecraft

Deathcon3's Photo Deathcon3 29 Oct 2012

Hey, ive been looking over the forums (not in much detail) but was unable to find what i was looking for, which was the question of how to copy programs into computers via Minecraft/Tekkit files? i know this can be done but i cant seem to find the answer anywhere. please help,

Kolpa's Photo Kolpa 29 Oct 2012


Pharap's Photo Pharap 29 Oct 2012

The programs stored on individual minecraft computers are stored in a file called 'computer' in the save file of the world the computer is in.

eg: C:UsersUserAppDataRoaming.minecraftsavesworldcomputer0

where world is the name of the world and 0 is the computer ID.

As for tekkit, I haven't a clue how it handles its files.

KillaVanilla's Photo KillaVanilla 30 Oct 2012

For the Technic Launcher (Technic SSP / Tekkit Client), go to:
C:Users<your user name>AppDataRoaming.techniclaunchertechicssp (or tekkit)saves<world>computer<id>