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[MC 1.7.10 | CC 1.65] OpenCCSensors

Endersmens's Photo Endersmens 22 Jun 2016

Sweet thanks! My tekkit lite world needs this bad

Endersmens's Photo Endersmens 24 Jun 2016

I found a link that has a download for this mod for minecraft versions 1.4.7 and 1.5.1 and some others I think. There are other links for 1.6.4 and stuff. If you want them, here they are:
1.4.7, 1.5.1, 1.5.2:


Not sure if they work, but I figured if they did that would be one way for you to get the older builds back easier.

Endersmens's Photo Endersmens 24 Jun 2016

So, found out two things. One, openccsensors is already in tekkit lite, however it's a bit messed up cause it was the ( b ) release for 1.4.7. So I replaced it with the ( c ) release that I downloaded from that link and it works great! The second thing is that the 1.4.7 link works.

Also, quick question, I'm using the sensor view program and the graph function, and I've noticed that when graphing storage, the maximum value is always the current value, so the graph is always graphing the top line, i.e. not very helpful for a quick glance at the graph. I poked around in the file for the graph function (I'm a python guy, just now looking at lua for fun) and I noticed the part of the code where it updates self.max by setting it equal to self.history. I understand it, but I'm not sure why this is done, because sensor view shows max capacity, and to me it makes more sense to set self.max equal to the reading for max capacity. (Actually now that I think about it i kinda makes sense for the cases where max isn't set, like reactor heat, but oh well) However, I haven't dabbled enough in lua to do so yet. Anyone have any ideas? I'll bpaste the graph program in in a second so you guys can look at it, just in case it's changed since this older version of the mod.

Here's the graph function code: https://bpaste.net/show/34af4447d451

I added a comment where the part I'm referencing starts. Should be easy to spot for you guys anyways, since you guys actually do this stuff. :P So can anyone help me figure out a way to set self.max to the actual capacity that sensorview shows me?
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Lyqyd's Photo Lyqyd 24 Jun 2016

The graph API is meant to be used in a custom program built by the user. The sensorview program includes the ability to create an extremely simple graph based on any single numeric data that the sensor is returning. It doesn't have any mechanism to try to find a capacity attribute. If you created your own graph, you could specify the capacity as the maximum value, and the graph would work as expected. The code you've pointed out is working as intended--if the current value is greater than the maximum value, it will update the maximum, so the graph does not go above range off of the screen. If your value dropped after that, you'd see the trace line dip below the top of the screen, as it won't adjust the maximum lower.

I'm glad you were able to find a working download link!

Endersmens's Photo Endersmens 24 Jun 2016

I wasn't saying the code wasn't working correctly, I do understand it's purpose and stuff. Are there any good lua tutorials out there? Preferably not on youtube? I'd love to start coding in lua but I'm so lost in it. Like how would I use the graph API in one of my programs? I'm lost. This isn't very much likek python lol.

Lyqyd's Photo Lyqyd 25 Jun 2016

The Lua-users wiki is a good place to start, or the Programming In Lua docs. If you have specific questions or problems once you get started, the Ask a Pro section of the forums here is usually pretty good at helping out. There's some documentation of the graph API somewhere, probably in the first post of this topic, but it basically comes down to: declare your graph object once, then call that object's update/draw/whatever-I-called-it function a bunch at regular intervals.

RickDangerous13's Photo RickDangerous13 14 Sep 2016

Hi all,
I am really stuck trying to read the heat of a Combustion Engine with OCS.
I have read that the Buildcraft Sensor Card has been dicontinued, putting most of its functions into the Energy Sensor Card. However, heat monitoring is not part of the Energy Sensor Card.
Will this change in the future?
Has anyone found a way to read the heat in any other way? I have also trie openperipheral, without success.
Many thanks for your support in advance!

Lyqyd's Photo Lyqyd 14 Sep 2016

That functionality may actually be on the Machine Sensor card.

RickDangerous13's Photo RickDangerous13 14 Sep 2016

View PostLyqyd, on 14 September 2016 - 02:20 PM, said:

That functionality may actually be on the Machine Sensor card.

Unfortunately no. Using sensorview the Combustion Engine is not even recognized as a target. With an Energy Sensor Card it is found. Unfortunately I only find Information about energy Output, etc. which I am not interested in.

X3ME's Photo X3ME 04 Dec 2016

Hey! I really need a 1.8.9 version of this, and was considering making a pull request; can you tell me what are the current issues in transporting this mod to 1.8.9?
Much appreciated!

abretten's Photo abretten 11 Dec 2016

Does anyone have any examples of how to measure and display the rate of change in a liquid tank using openCCsensors ?

I'm assuming it would involve storing the tank level in a variable and then over a set interval doing the math within the context of the program ?

Or to put it another way, this is not just a value I can poll via the sensor ?

Thanks in advance


wolfschlitzen's Photo wolfschlitzen 20 May 2017

Trying to load this into my modpack. Issue is it keeps saying it cannot find any version of OpenComputers, which I know is in it. Modpack is https://minecraft.cu...ancient-empires so I'm wondering if its an issue with this addon not able to recognize the file naming OC is using now with Curse.

Dog's Photo Dog 20 May 2017

@wolfschlitzen - I think you're a little lost. CCTweaks OpenCCSensors is an add-on for ComputerCraft, not for OpenComputers. FWIW, while I'm not aware of anybody having any problems with OpenComputers here, this isn't an OC forum - this is a CC forum, so you probably won't receive much help with OC here.

Having said that, welcome to the CC forums :)

EDIT: I was clearly lost, too - thanks for correcting me Lyqyd.
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Lyqyd's Photo Lyqyd 20 May 2017

On the topic of being slightly lost, this is the OpenCCSensors topic, not the CCTweaks topic. :)

This mod doesn't use OpenComputers either. Were you perhaps thinking of OpenPeripherals?

wolfschlitzen's Photo wolfschlitzen 21 May 2017

You are completely right and I had a severe case of reading comprehension fail. Been trying to find a nice opencomputers interface for ic2 reactors but *shrug* does not look like it is meant to be.