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Everyone! Listen up!

09 December 2019 - 04:22 PM

ComputerCraft has died.
Goodbye, old friend.
Many of you will say "ComputerCraft hasn't died, it just isn't as popular as it was before."
And that is true, which means it is, in fact, dead. Nobody plays on CC servers anymore, CC has become generic, nothing more than an optional mod for the billion random Tekkit-clone modpacks.

The community that has formed around it has dispersed and disappeared.
And I intend to change that, and thus, I am officially announcing my plan of action to resurrect CC, although it will only work if everyone still here cooperates.

Action #1: Eliminate "CC-only" or "Minimalist" servers. These do nothing but pander to a tiny fraction of the CC community, and often cause huge amounts of drama when people ask to add more mods. If you're concerned about hosting prices, I can guarantee that someone here would be willing to host it themselves for a small fee, or you can homehost on used enterprise-grade server hardware, which is surprisingly cheap to buy, maintain, and run.
Action #2: I M P R O V E O U R D O C U M E N T A T I O N. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. If we want to allow new people to learn, we need to keep our documentation up-to-date.

Action #3: Develop a common set of mods for CC servers to allow for builds to be freely turned into schematics and used on multiple different servers.

Action #4: Bring new people in. I hope that by the end of 2020, we get one new forum post here per hour, minimum.

That is all, and I hope we can cooperate. See you all in the comments.