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Bundled Cable Support

05 April 2019 - 05:05 PM

So, Squid. I'm curious here. Note I come to you only because you're the most currently-active person who's been involved in what is, at this point, years of minor irritation.

My very first experience with CC was waaay back when RedPower was king, and one of my favorite synergies was using RP's bundled cable with computercraft. Then RP went away, and bundled cables with it.

Since then, more bundled cables have come and gone, and at no point - at least, no point when I've had the itch and decided to break out MC+CC again - have I been able to get any of them to work with any version of ComputerCraft.

Came in this time hoping EnderIO cables might work, with either the official 1.12 version of CC, or with CC:T, but it seems they do not, at least not as bundled cables; they'll output a redstone from a selected signal color, but that's it. So added Project Red transmission, and tried it's bundled cables - and they don't connect to computers, CC or CC:T. Just ignore them entirely. Went googling, and an issue on github from last year, where you said you'd fixed Project:Red cables, and a follow-on comment seemed to imply that you *had* fixed EnderIO before that before EnderIO apparently removed support on their end.

So, not accusing you or complaining here, I'm just honestly wondering... why is it such an issue? I accept that it is, because as I said, this has been a persistent issue for more years than CC:T has existed, and you're just the latest to wrestle with it. I'm just honestly curious if there's a reason it is, apparently, an insurmountable problem, and thought you might have some insight, having wrestled with it yourself?

:edit: clarifying addendum, it's been possible for a long time to accomplish all the same things with a network of computers, or using one of a variety of redstone peripherals that have existed over the years. My semi-annual attempts to use computers with bundled cable are motivated in significant part by nostalgia - like I said, that was my original methodology for doing a wide variety of computer-controlled devices. I also just like the idea of having one master computer controlling a whole base directly, rather than a network of computers with the added indirection that involves.