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Grid Redstone.png  Function turtle.refuel
If the currently selected slot contains fuel items, it will consume them to give the turtle the ability to move. If the current slot doesn't contain fuel items, it returns false. If a quantity is specified, it will refuel only up to that many items. If the avaiable items quantity is lower than the specified, only the avaiable quantity will be consumed, because it can't consume what doesn't exist. If no quantity is specified, it will consume all the items in the slot. Turtles loose all the fuel when broken if they don't have a label.

As of ComputerCraft 1.6, turtles may no longer store practically unlimited amounts of fuel. Attempting to refuel past a given turtle's limit with this command will destroy the items regardless, but fails to raise the fuel level higher than maximum and returns no error.

See also: turtle.getFuelLevel(), turtle.getFuelLimit()
Syntax turtle.refuel(number fuel item consume quantity (optional))
Returns boolean true if fueled, else false.
Part of ComputerCraft
API turtle


Grid paper.png  Example
Checks if the item in the current slot can be used as fuel without consuming it
local valid = turtle.refuel(0)
Output If the current slot is valid fuel

Grid paper.png  Example
Consumes only 4 items in the current slot if the item is a valid fuel
local success = turtle.refuel(4)
Output whether it successfully refuelled

Grid paper.png  Example
Loops through the turtle's inventory checking if the item is valid fuel and then consuming half of the stack when it is
for i = 1, 16 do -- loop through the slots
  turtle.select(i) -- change to the slot
  if turtle.refuel(0) then -- if it's valid fuel
    local halfStack = math.ceil(turtle.getItemCount(i)/2) -- work out half of the amount of fuel in the slot
    turtle.refuel(halfStack) -- consume half the stack as fuel

Fuel Values

Fuel values for some different items. Note that other items are accepted (including both vanilla / mod items) - generally, if an item can be used in a furnace it'll provide fuel equal to the number of items it could smelt, multiplied by ten.

Every movement a turtle performs consumes one fuel unit. Actions that can be performed while the turtle is stationary do not consume fuel.

Turtles can be configured to not require fuel. As of ComputerCraft 1.6, turtles may have limits to the amount they can store at a time.

Item Movement gained Added by
Biofuel Can 520 IndustrialCraft
Scrap 15 IndustrialCraft
Coalfuel Can 1520 IndustrialCraft
Wooden Scaffolding 15 IndustrialCraft
Peat 80 Forestry
Sugar Cane 0 Vanilla
Wooden Tools 10 Vanilla
Lava 1000 Vanilla
Blaze Rod 120 Vanilla
Wood Blocks 15 Vanilla
Sticks 5 Vanilla
Coal/Charcoal 80 Vanilla
Mushroom Blocks 15 Vanilla
Coal Coke 320 Railcraft


The formula for calculating the movement gain from a fuel is "((fuel / 100) * 6)". Where fuel is the items burn time in ticks in a regular furnace and "/" is integer division.


Formula changed to ((fuel * 6) / 100). This will give more accurate movement values.


Formula changed to ((fuel * 5) / 100)