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Grid Redstone.png  Function
Runs program with as many specified arguments as are provided.

Essentially takes all parameters passed to it and runs them as one line - for eg,"monitor","top","alongtimeago") is the same as"monitor top alongtimeago"), and you can use whichever syntax happens to suit you.

See also: shell.openTab()
Syntax program [, string args1, string args2, ...])
Returns boolean success
Part of ComputerCraft
API shell


Grid paper.png  Example
Runs the program "myProgram" with arguments "test" and "ing":
Code"myProgram", "test", "ing")
Output The program myProgram with the arguments "test" and "ing".

Grid paper.png  Example
Runs the program "monitor" along with the other arguments set in "myTable":
local myTable = {"monitor","left","worm"} unpack(myTable) )