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This has been marked for deletion!
The content of this page is likely obsolete, duplicitous or irrelevant. You should not use or trust all information you see here.
(Reason: I'm not really sure that user made programs belong on the wiki, if we let one then everyone will one their program here. - Oeed 07:40, 26 March 2014 (GMT))
Help menu of CC-Get.

NOTCE: CC-Get is a third-party program and is not built-in to ComputerCraft.
CC-Get is basically an installation, updating, and removing wizard for programs in ComputerCraft, similar to apt-get on linux (Advanced Packaging Tool).
Once a creator adds their work to the CC-Get website, you can use the program to install it using the install command. CC-Get requires the HTTP API, which needs to be enabled in ComputerCraft's configuration.
The website for CC-Get is here.