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Grid Redstone.png  Function fs.combine
Combines two path components, returning a path consisting of the local path nested inside the base path. The resultant path consists of all the components of localPath inside all the components of basePath. Neither path needs to exist; this function only manipulates strings and does not touch the filesystem.
Syntax fs.combine(string basePath, string localPath)
Returns string the combined path
Part of ComputerCraft
API fs


Grid paper.png  Example
Computes the absolute path to a file called "d" inside a directory called "c", where "c" is itself inside a directory "b" which is inside a directory "a"
print(fs.combine("a/b", "c/d"))
Output a/b/c/d

Grid paper.png  Example
An empty first path refers to the root directory, so the second path is returned
print(fs.combine("", "c/d"))
Output c/d

Grid paper.png  Example
An empty second path refers to the first path directly, so the first path is returned
print(fs.combine("a/b", ""))
Output a/b

Grid paper.png  Example
The last two examples make sense combined, returning the empty string (referring to the root directory)
print(fs.combine("", ""))