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Grid Redstone.png  Function fs.getSize
Gets the size of a file in bytes. Returns based on the contents of the file - if "file.txt" contains 29 bytes of data, then fs.getSize("file.txt") simply returns the number 29.

Earlier versions of ComputerCraft returned the filesize plus the string length of the filename - for example, if "file.txt" contains 1000 bytes of data, then fs.getSize("file.txt") returns 1000 + #"file.txt" = 1008. Furthermore, if the value would be lower than 512, then 512 was returned instead. These behaviours were discarded somewhere between CC 1.53 and CC 1.57.
Syntax fs.getSize(string path)
Returns number size in bytes
Part of ComputerCraft
API fs


Grid paper.png  Example
Get the size of the shell from the ROM and print it
print( fs.getSize("/rom/programs/shell") )