MINECON 2013 Recap

This time last week, the Minecraft community gathered in Orlando, Florida for MINECON 2013, and I was lucky enough to join them! I was primarily there to represent the qCraft project, but I had plenty of of time to talk about ComputerCraft and BILLUND too. Here’s what I got up to:

First up was the Developing Mods panel, with myself, Direwolf20, Pahimar, LexManos, cpw, Benimatic, LazerTester and Kainzo, and moderated by Sacheverell. Despite some variable questions, it went well, and over 1100 people turned up to watch us talk about modding. Some of the guys got together again for a second panel on Sunday evening, and that’s worth watching too.

When I wasn’t on panels, I was helping to show people qCraft at the giant booth Google assembled for the event. I was absolutely blown away by the presence qCraft had at MINECON this year; aside from the booth, we gave a very well received panel, were mentioned by Lydia in the opening ceremony, and we gave away over 2000 t-shirts with our logo on it. Seeing people walking around wearing these was surreal!

Of course, the best part of any MINECON is meeting everybody. It was great to hang out with so many people from the Forgecraft server, my sometimes colleagues from TeacherGaming and E-line Media, friends from the community, the Mojangstas, and the hundreds of people over the weekend who came up to me to ask for my autograph or just chat about modding.

Overall, it was great! You can watch the whole event on the Mojang livestream, but it doesn’t capture the experience of being there. If you can get a ticket next time, I recommend it. I’ll definitely keep going to these as long as Mojang keep hosting them!

7 thoughts on “MINECON 2013 Recap

  1. Glad to here that you enjoyed minecon
    I sure enjoyed the livestream and axtually see what your face looks like XD

  2. I watched nearly the hole livestream 😀
    It was very cool to watch and play minecraft on a 2nd monitor^^
    I hope Minecon 2014 will be somewhere in Europe (i prefer England, france or sth. else close to germany 😀 ).
    If so… you would notice a giant (oh well, hmm, define giant^^) turtle wandering around… maybe^^

  3. Dan, I love your work! You’re a great inspiration for aspiring modders, and I’m glad you are so involved with your community.

    Always a fan,

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