Adopt a Turtle this Christmas

Do you love ComputerCraft, or know somebody who does? Are you bad at picking out gifts for the holidays? By now, the solution should be obvious: 3D Printed Turtles!

Also available: Advanced Turtles and Computers

I put these together last year and they were very popular, so this year I’ve revamped the site and added several new types of Computers and Turtles for purchase. They’re super tough and durable, they make great desk toys, and they support me in the development of ComputerCraft (Minecraft modding is my full time job now, so this is extra appreciated!). If you order before December 16th, they’ll arrive in time for Christmas, and if you order right now: shipping is free on large orders. So don’t hesitate, add some Turtles to your life today.

3 thoughts on “Adopt a Turtle this Christmas

  1. Dan,

    I posted this on your twitter as well. Are the items hollow? Or hollow enough? And can you make the ring on the modem clear plastic?

    I am envisioning a red led inside on of these in the future.


    • They’re all hollow, and they’re made out of the “Colored Sandstone” material (the only material which allows multiple colours in one model). I’m afraid there’s no way of supporting mixed-material models atm.

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