ComputerCraft 1.7

One of the features of ComputerCraft I’m most proud of is one design principle I’ve consistently applied: realistic constraints. Turtles are powerful, but restricted: they can only dig things in front of them, and they must have resources to build. Some times though, you just want to get creative. In ComputerCraft 1.7, I’ve added a new feature I’ve wanted for a long time: the Command Computer.

A Command Computer with it's primitive cousin

Inspired by the incredible things vanilla players do with Command Blocks, the Command Computer is a creative mode computer that has the ability to execute arbitrary minecraft commands. It can set blocks, create items and entities, interact with players and more, all from Lua scripts. It’s perfect for adventure maps, mini-games, and ambitious algorithmic building projects. Check out this video by thatParadox for an idea of how to use them. Onto the downloads:


ComputerCraft 1.7 requires Minecraft version 1.7.10 with an up to date version of Minecraft Forge installed. Once you have Forge, drop the files into your /mods/ directory, and launch Minecraft.


  • Added Command Computers
  • Added new API: commands
  • Added new programs: commands, exec
  • Added textutils.serializeJSON()
  • Added ILuaContext.executeMainThreadTask() for peripheral developers
  • Disk Drives and Printers can now be renamed with Anvils
  • Fixed problems with HD texture packs
  • Fixed various bug, crashes and exploits
  • Documented all the new features in the in-game help system

I’m really excited to see what people create with this update, be sure to post anything cool onto the ComputerCraft forums. Happy hacking!

8 thoughts on “ComputerCraft 1.7

  1. Great. Awesome. When do you add the possibility to craft hats for turtles to have them wear one all the time?

  2. WeWQWell if we get hats for turtles, such as top hats, then the only possible next step is to make monocles for turtles too. And maybe an option to apply skins to turtles so I can make a nifty R2-D2 companion!

  3. When will advanced turtles have the ability to equip enchanted tools? It would greatly expand the abilities of turtles, along with making them more useful. And it would also make it more possible to make TC items equipable as well.

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