ComputerCraft 1.75

Hey all, it’s time for another ComputerCraft update! I’m currently working on an update of the mod for Minecraft 1.8, but before I do: here’s one final update for Minecraft 1.7.10. It fixes a couple of small but annoying bugs discovered during the 1.8 port.


ComputerCraft 1.75 requires Minecraft version 1.7.10 with an up to date version of Minecraft Forge installed. Once you have Forge, drop the jar file into your /mods/ directory, and launch Minecraft.


  • Fixed monitors sometimes rendering without part of their text.
  • Fixed a regression in the “bit” API.

See you in 1.8!

7 thoughts on “ComputerCraft 1.75

  1. Thank you so much! I really want CC for 1.8, me and my friend were hoping it would be out today. What a weird coincidence. 😛

  2. I’ve done a very cursory test to see that computercraftedu 1.74 is still compatible with this. So far so good but I hope someone else has been more thorough? Also Dan200: For convenience will you be putting out a ComputerCraftPlusComputerCraftEdu1.75.jar?
    Anyways thanks for continued updates and I hope you keep doing this!

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