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printer peripheral [CC 1.48/1.481][MC 1.4.6/1.4.7] ccPrinter is back (need bukkit porter)


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#1 louitzie

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 09:43 AM

this mod adds a printer wich can print on paper

here are some screenshots

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

here are the methods
printer.drawChar(x,y,char[,color(0-55)]) see color table
printer.drawText(x,y,text[,color(0-55)]) see characters inclued in api (yellow)
printer.getInklevels() returns red,green,blue
printer.getCapacity() returns an ink level when full
printer.scanPixel(x,y) (if not disabled in config)
printer.scanChar(x,y) (if not disabled in config)
printer.scanText(x,y[,length]) (if not disabled in config)
printer.getContent() (map,paper,printed paper or no content) (if not disabled in config)

scanner.getContent() (map,paper,printed paper or no content)

scanner recipe


W=redstone dust
L=redstone lamp



ccPrinter 1.4.6_r1
put in mods folder and extract the ccPrinterApis folder to mods


CCPrinter_Client 1.6
CCPrinter_Client 1.5
CCPrinter_Client 1.4


CCPrinter_Server 1.6
CCPrinter_Server 1.5
CCPrinter_Server 1.4


bukkit port 1.4
bukkit port 1.5 thanks to xackerz (make sure you use java 7)

updated version press sneak while clicking on printer with useable item to put
press sneak without held item to get item.
right click while paper use to switch side

i added master39's improved edit in the download it is loaden in /edit

#2 Pinkishu

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 09:52 AM

oh wow i wanted that forever <3

now just to wait for the SMP version

#3 maxikg

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 11:48 AM

Great idea! I hope for an SMP-Version. :)/>

#4 Xfel

    Peripheral Designer

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 11:56 AM

Great work! Only thing I noticed that the background of the green slot looks more like it needs lime dye than the dark cactus green dye, while the other colors match very well.

#5 louitzie

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 01:12 PM

maybe i'll fix that when SMP is ready

#6 Mendax

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 08:13 PM

:)/> OMFG All you need now, is a book version when 1.3 comes out, capitals in the title and to upload to mediafire or something like it. Dropbox's links get frozen after a while.
EDIT: This is gonna be supported in my tex pack :)/>

#7 Mendax

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 08:56 PM

I made a little screenshot:
Posted Image

#8 Noodle

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 11:02 PM

WOW! Very nice, I like paper, what other point does this bring besides words and stuff?

#9 louitzie

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 03:49 PM

nice to see that people use this mod

i'll see for mediafire

unfortunately multiplayer support seems to take longer than i tought

#10 PixelToast

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 11:46 PM

oh lol, just made two duplicate sheets with the same damage value and made a program to print scrolling ascii art

#11 chuiby

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 02:18 AM

Hopefully the SMP version will come soon :)/>
This mod have a lot of potential.
Good job, awesome idea!

#12 Noodle

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 04:06 AM

I'm actually excited to see it come out for smp, I can now Yell at people, IN SILENCE.

#13 Kane Hart


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Posted 31 May 2012 - 04:33 AM

Very cool, I hope someday this is ported to SMP then ported to bukkit because Godcraft would love a mod like this.

#14 DerrikeG

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Posted 31 May 2012 - 03:07 PM

It'd be nice to have an accompanying scanner block to read sheet contents so that documents could be duplicated at their appropriate expense. If this functionality does come about, it would be insanely useful to have it extend to the vanilla maps.

#15 louitzie

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Posted 31 May 2012 - 04:35 PM

finaly after 3 days of work I made an SMP Version.
Enjoy it

#16 Mendax

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Posted 31 May 2012 - 10:10 PM

:)/> SMP And Ideas for a scanner! Downloading...

#17 kazagistar

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Posted 01 June 2012 - 04:23 AM

This is by far my favorite periphrial so far. Fits the vision for this mod very nicely, and fits a niche that no other tech mod fills

Just wait for 1.3, then port it, when server and client are the same thing. And see if you can't get it to print books instead of papers at that point.

Then you just need to send it off to the tekkit dudes.

#18 Matthewaj

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Posted 01 June 2012 - 04:41 AM

Everytime I use printer.drawchar(x,y,char)
it just gives me a sort of squarish "0"


#19 coolblockj

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Posted 01 June 2012 - 05:01 AM

Lol, this may be a stupid question, but what is the point for peripheral.call(side,draw,x,y,color) or where does it go in your program to change text color?

Also, are you limited to printing letter by letter?

#20 louitzie

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Posted 01 June 2012 - 05:41 AM

1 the drawchar function parameters are x,y,(only one character),color(didn't mention that)

2 currently you are but you can write your own algoritm the size is 21x13 chars or 128x119 pixels

3 yoy can add your own characters in the lua.api

for example
char["A"]="(row 1)01110(row 2)10001(row 3)11111(row 4)10001(row 5)10001(row 6)10001(row 7)10001(row 8)00000"


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