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Posted 06 May 2015 - 07:18 PM

View PostCloudNinja, on 06 May 2015 - 10:23 AM, said:

Another thing, you have no right val. You and Cdel caused harm to the server in giving Tim + Jasper false plugins and such.

I didn't give him false plugins... I gave them a plugin I had back when I owned the server, which had a no permission op for testing permissions. Tim had the source code the entire time, and had full knowledge of everything in it (he even asked for the plugin specifically, fully knowing everything that was in it).

Btw if you really want to get into technicalities... Cdel gave me the name a month before the server closed. And as such was not his to give away. Either way you can't own something like this, sure you could try to copyright it, but it doesn't meet the requirements to be copyrighted.

Dragon53535 decided to message me saying he was contacting tim to come and resolve this, so it is best to consider this done until he responds (if he responds).

Honestly my goal in this is simple. To make it to where 2 things are obvious. This server is not joinable (would take a mod/admin 30 seconds to put a note in op or something).
And make it obvious that even if someone did remake it, it doesn't mean that it will be anything like the first or even this one. That is to say the name means nothing, it is all about the people who run it and as such they should be creative and come up with their own name so there is no confusion.

Despite what people think, both of these are to improve the community. Neither of them are personal things I am attempting to accomplish because I feel the server is still mine. The fact is keeping this discussion in the server forum only will lead to confusion for new players.

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