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BungeeCord System Recruits?

game wireless networking

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Posted 30 April 2015 - 11:48 AM

I guess this is not related to CC but more mods and servers.

I have recently upgraded my servers to BungeeCord, and I now run a nice little system of servers. We also are able to connect servers as we please, so if you wish to be a part of this then give me your IP and you will need to install

BungeeCord and Cauldron (I recommend Nitrous Networks) and we can talk about making a hub item for you, this is like the HiveMC, everyone is sent to the hub, and then you can return where you left off so you are not forced to the hub everytime.

Please note:
Do not install BungeeCord as the main server as bungeecord runs as a separate server which sends you to other servers. You need to link them so make sure to read this up or ask the guys at Nitrous and they will help you out as they have with me.

We plan to allow many servers to be a part of the big group, I am not sure of a name of the cluster but Idk Shinexus Server Cluster is all I have so far.
If you decide to connect with us, we will allow you connections via our server, and if you still want we can port forward your IP.

This is how it works, a user will change their IP to the IP of my BungeeCord server, then they will be directed to the Hub, then they join your server and they are in it, done. Next time they log on they will be sent to your server automatically. We can also port forward your IP so people can still connect with your IP :D.

Here is what you get for being apart of the server cluster (Not much but all I can offer):
+ Access to all servers within your server plus a load of new commands and advertising using the /alert command.
+ More players will be able to access your server from the hub, especially if we have mini-games (which are being made by my friends currently),
+ A nice area in the hub that you can use to attract your players to your server :D
+ A way of keeping items as you transfer between servers,
+ A way of allowing users to connect even if they do not have all the mods or on a different version of MC (1.7.x and 1.8.x).

Other perks can be asked of.

If you are not bothered don't worry, just thought it would be cool to have a load of servers that run CC and we can have like awesome gatherings and competitions inside the Server Cluster, also it allows server to server communication, where players can message players on any server.

Thanks for reading

Danny (Admin of ShinexusUK Modded Survival)

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