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ccFTP - a File Transmitting API [Rev3]

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Posted 05 June 2016 - 06:55 PM

As the Title suggests, this is an API that allows to transmit Files and even a file-tree from the ccFTP-Share. It works with a basic Client-Server System.
Each Revision is not compatible with other Revisions. For example sending a ServerVer request from a Rev3 client to a Rev2 Server causes the Server to reply with nsu (but appears as Rev2 on the Client), please note that if the Server runs in return mode the second var will be nil! Yet I'll try to make it very easy for developers to switch to a newer API Revision.

At the moment the API is very basic. But it has some good things with it: for example it is very simple to implement and use it.
Even though it's very basic, it still rocks AES256 encryption for Data transmission.
I'm already thinking about how to implement things like remote User managment.

Well enought talking lets get to the API itself. It is one API for both Client and Server. Here are the functions with a brief description on what they do:

ccFTP is now under the MIT License. Please keep this in mind when republishing.
I would appreciate it, if you tell me for what you used it, but this isn't neccesary.
Download API: pastebin get jCMXvY1A /.ccftp/ccftp
Current Version: Rev3

This API is self-suppling, which means, that it needs 2 more API's (SHA256 by GravityScore & AES by KillaVanilla) but it'll download them by itself into the directory: /.ccftp
This is why I reccomend to keep this API in /.ccftp too.

And here's an example Server program I've written for the API (still uses Rev2): http://pastebin.com/rd6fZ8fH


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