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Missile Interceptor


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#1 Saldor010

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Posted 08 August 2017 - 09:57 PM

Hey there!
Message from future me, if you enjoy this game (or even if you don't), you should check out my latest game! It's way better than this one, I'm sure you'd love it ;)
Click the link here to check it out!
Back to your original post already in progress..

A quick, dirty game made in less than an hour. The goal of the game is to stop the missiles from reaching the bottom of the screen. You can click on a missile to blow it up. This game was made in Cobalt version 1.1_3 as a little project to help myself get more comfortable with the framework.

- Your score in the upper right hand of the screen is now dynamic in size (as opposed to being fixed to only having two digits worth of space).
- Better support to aid users in installing cobalt.
- Missiles were tweaked to fire closer to the middle of the screen, not the sides.
- A few miscellaneous GUI changes made.

Pastebin link:
The installer for Cobalt (required for the game to run) - pastebin run h5h4fm3t
The MissileInterceptor game file - pastebin get 4WjaE3bb MissileInterceptor

MissileInterceptor <difficulty>

Difficulty is an optional argument. It is set to 1 by default, which allows your mouse to be up to 1 coordinate away in any direction from the actual missile when destroying a missile, making the game much easier. Setting difficulty to 2 will force you to click on the missile itself in order to destroy it.


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#2 Bomb Bloke

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 02:15 PM

The score gets cropped when reaching the triple digits!

#3 Saldor010

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 03:04 PM

View PostBomb Bloke, on 10 August 2017 - 02:15 PM, said:

The score gets cropped when reaching the triple digits!

Oh boy, I never thought I would have to have space for more than two digits worth of score. :lol:
I'll patch that real quick. Glad to see you're enjoying the game!

Edit: Patch #1 has been released.

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