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Recommend me tech mods

14 October 2020 - 12:42 PM

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but like the section does say: Discuss Anything and Everything Relating to Anything and Everything. So here goes.

Long story short I am currently playing version 1.14.4 and having a blast with CC Tweaked. But I miss tech mods. Now, ordinarily my go to mod for this is Industrial Craft 2. But honestly that one has been going downhill ever since 1.7.2. And anyway I am mighty bored with it. You can only build so many atomic reactors until you've done it all. So I would like to ask you guys to give me suggestions for alternatives that might spice up my game. Ideally we are talking stuff that meshes well with CC for obvious reasons.

Other stuff I've tried and didn't like are:
- Buildcraft = This one just didn't jam with me. Like it's all there but it's all mostly meh. Plus Turtles are better than pipes.
- Immersive Engineering = This one looks amazing but it won't work with the stable forge version and switching to experimental breaks my other mods.

So like if anyone has any suggestions please do give them.

PS. I am open to magic mods that do techlike things.