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#279565 Variable Size Quarry (now with Super Ore Quarryâ„¢)

Posted by civilwargeeky on 21 January 2021 - 12:38 AM in Turtle Programs

Quarry Receiver 3.6.5 (The "Wow It's Been A Long Time" Update)

So I was contacted via youtube comment that the quarry receiver no longer worked on newer versions of CC (CC: Tweaked).
This was due to my hardcoding key codes in pullEvent rather than using the keys API. This has been fixed, so for the first time in five years here's a new version of something in this program.

I tested it using CC:Tweaked 1.94.0 for 1.16.4, so let me know if I broke it for any other versions!

Important Changes (Receiver):
  • Fixed bug where you could not type spaces or numbers in receiver
Receiver: https://pastebin.com/7Ksx4qUJ

Also looks like I'm the first post in this forum this year! Woo!