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#34751 AutoTreeFarm Program V2

Posted by Xanafrim on 27 September 2012 - 04:42 AM in Turtle Programs

I JUST started trying out Computer Craft and I found this program. I have installed it and it was working fine but then I fixed the ground a bit where it dropped a level. After I did this I hit "r" and he went on another round. However, ever since then he only takes 2 logs per tree and leaves the rest for me to clean up. I did not alter any of the code so I am no sure what might have happened.

Possibly it is connected to lag as that is an issue for me. I run a single core processor right now, no hyperthreading, 2 GB ram. That's the max this laptop can hold. However, I also am the admin of a paid server that runs tekkit and that is the only place I play. The server does have 1 GB of ram. I am running the current Tekkit pack.

Thanks for any help on this.