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#183711 Wireless Modem Messaging System

Posted by wadeywoo on 13 June 2014 - 05:16 PM in Ask a Pro

So, recently I've been trying to make a messaging system but I have a dilemma, wireless modems can only transmit 64 blocks and that is where a relay is used, to relay a message from one computer to another over long distances, but my program won't work. It says Unexpected Number when I am giving it the number as a variable.

  • modem = peripheral.wrap("right")

  • modemback = peripheral.wrap("left")

  • modem.closeAll()

  • modemback.closeAll()

  • while true do

  • modem.open(1)

  • event, modemSide, senderChannel, replyChannel, message, senderDistance = os.pullEvent("modem_message")

  • senderChannel = senderChannel + 1

  • modemback.open(senderChannel)

  • print(senderChannel)

  • print(replyChannel)

  • print(message)

  • modemback.transmit(senderChannel..replyChannel..message)

  • end