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[1.7.10] CubeSpace Creative [CC 1.75] [24/7]

98Games_YT's Photo 98Games_YT 11 Apr 2018

Apologies for the long wait but Negitive and Geckoco are now added to the whitelist.

I'm a bit more active than usual now so if you want to join ASAP, I should be online.

~ CS Support

vyse's Photo vyse 12 Apr 2018

Ign: Vyse1962
Hi, id like to join the server cause I'm looking for a great community to join, with the fun of mods, and CC. Joining a server and becoming part of the community would be a wonderful experience.

Gonow32's Photo Gonow32 12 Apr 2018

Vyse1962 has been added to the whitelist.

Marc1miner's Photo Marc1miner 09 May 2018

IGN: marc1miner
Reason I want to join: I like to play around with other people and I enjoy doing projects together as a community, especially technical stuff (cc, projectred etc.)

98Games_YT's Photo 98Games_YT 13 May 2018

marc1miner has been added to the whitelist.

I have noticed a lot of inactivity, please play on our server. Thanks :P

lieudusty's Photo lieudusty 22 Jun 2018

IGN: spiriteddusty

I need something to do over the summer and this looks fun.

alexkar598's Photo alexkar598 27 Jul 2018

Can someone delete my plot,ive messed up and its crashing me and anyone going near my plot

JplaysStuff's Photo JplaysStuff 23 Sep 2018

I tried joining today but after a rather long login time the game finally starts for a split second before saying "a fatal error has occured, this connection is terminated"

I'll try reinstalling pnuematiccraft and see if that makes a difference.

Update: tried redownloadind and installing, texture still missing.

Someone help!
Edited by JplaysStuff, 24 September 2018 - 05:26 PM.

ZapComputer's Photo ZapComputer 28 Dec 2018

EDIT:The author has not been on since April 2018. The server is still running. I suggest that a mod lock this thread.
Edited by ZapComputer, 28 December 2018 - 09:36 PM.

98Games_YT's Photo 98Games_YT 02 May 2021

It's really unfortunate to say this but, as of recent, CubeSpace is gone forever. I'm working on a nice little revival for some friends of mine but it most likely won't go public.

Lyqyd should probably lock this thread now.