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Fallout Hacking Terminal

blunty666's Photo blunty666 06 Jan 2017

Fallout Hacking Terminal

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This isn't the first time this has been done, but I thought I'd have a go as it caught my interest. This is a replication of the hacking terminals found in Fallout. The word length and difficulty are adjustable by altering the start arguments. You can also specify a script to be run on successfully finding the password, as well as specifying the password to be used if you want to. It pulls its list of random words from the internet at http://www.setgetgo....domword/get.php, so it requires http access to work.

To install (using my GitHub installer):
pastebin run J8azvLQg fallout
The code can be found on GitHub.

To run:
Once you have installed, run using the arguments below.
falloutTerminal <word_length> <difficulty> <can_terminate> <script> <password>
Word length: Must be a number 3 or higher
Difficulty: A number between 1 and 4 (1 = easiest, 4 = hardest), this adjusts the number of possible words and reduces the number of hacks.
Can Terminate: Set to 'true' to allow terminating the program
Script: The path of the script to run on success (is called with shell.run(script))
Password: An optional word to use as the password, must have the same length as the word length used. If not specified a random word will be chosen for the password.


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Dametqwerty's Photo Dametqwerty 29 Jan 2017

Oh boy this looks great!