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Uploading Projects to the server/import tx...

M3gaFr3ak's Photo M3gaFr3ak 29 Aug 2012

I think we should be able to upload our programs to the servers we are playing on or importing our programfiles into computercraft! I dont like to program 1000 lines of code in thew ingame editor... At the moment i use Dunkhan's solution (Autohotkey), but it isnt sooo good!

Jan's Photo Jan 01 Sep 2012

If the server has enabled HTTP-api then you can download programs, ingame, from pastebin.com.
If the server hasnt, you could ask the owner if he could enable it.

If there is HTTP, simply paste your program on pastebin.com.
On the computer on the server: Type: 'pastebin' to see the usage of pastebin (that is a preinstalled program from CC)

EDIT: Your request is almost silimilair to http://www.computerc...-lines-of-code/ .
Maybe we should post there to prevent double topics