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[1.4.7][SMP]File not found happens when lo...

g1eagle's Photo g1eagle 29 Nov 2012

Hello I'm running version 1.4.7 of computer craft and noticed an issue.. when either a chunkload with a turtle inside (Turtle has a label, and startup file) it'll say "File not Found." instead of running a program the startup file tells it too, they just sit there and do nothing. If you go over and click the turtle you'll see the error, then when you exit out it seems that the start up program loaded correctly.

Cranium's Photo Cranium 29 Nov 2012

This also happens with monitors or other peripherals on a slow server. It seems that it loads things in a different order than it should.

GopherAtl's Photo GopherAtl 29 Nov 2012

I was having this issue on my server, where it wasn't my startup program that wasn't found, it was apparently shell itself, or something else in the bootup process, because it wasn't even getting to display the CraftOS version, just "File not found" and hung until I clicked on them, shortly after which they would reboot, correctly. In my case, I'd been using the cc mod unzipped on the server, so I could easily edit rom files; going back to the .zip file eliminated the problem completely.

g1eagle's Photo g1eagle 30 Nov 2012

GopherAtl Your a life saver, I went and looked and yep I was using the unzipped version for the same reason. Zipped it up and then checked the turtles and now all of them are booting properly.... which is great I know get to use more CC craft!

mark332's Photo mark332 12 Apr 2013

Does anyone know, how to fix this, without zipping the CC folder ?

Cloudy's Photo Cloudy 12 Apr 2013

Yes. Update to a version where it is fixed.