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BustedOS V 1.1.0 [Looking for bug finders...

MKlegoman357's Photo MKlegoman357 06 Jun 2013

Just a little bit about the user system,
In many CC os's there are a multi-user login system, it's good if you are playing on a server and know that your computer isn't safe, but if you're playing on SMP then this becomes very annoying. So my point is that if you will make login feature maybe you could make it that you could disable it or if you could choose at the first run if you want to create a user?

Looking forward to seeing this OS growing up!

computercam's Photo computercam 08 Aug 2013

I will be a bug tester if you whant me to send me an email [email protected]

blackben5767's Photo blackben5767 08 Aug 2013

I can be a bug tester! My IGN is "blackben5767" and email is [email protected] email me!