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Grid Redstone.png  Function term.redirect
Redirects terminal output to a monitor, a window, or any custom terminal object. Once the redirect is performed, any calls to a "term" function - or to a function that makes use of a term function, as as print() - will instead operate with the new terminal object.

A "terminal object" is simply a table that contains functions with the same names - and general features - as those found in the term table. For example, a wrapped monitor is suitable.

The redirect can be undone by pointing back to term.native() (or, for ComputerCraft builds older than 1.6, using term.restore()).
Syntax term.redirect(table terminal object)
Returns table previous terminal object
Part of ComputerCraft
API term


Grid paper.png  Example
Prints "Hello World!" on the right monitor.
print("Hello World!")

Grid paper.png  Example
Restores terminal functionality back to the default display (users of ComputerCraft builds older than 1.6 should use term.restore() instead).