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Grid Redstone.png  Function window.create
Returns a terminal object that is a space within the specified parent terminal object. This can then be used (or even redirected to) in the same manner as eg a wrapped monitor. Refer to the term API for a list of functions available to it.

term itself may not be passed as the parent, though term.native() is acceptable. Generally, term.current() or a wrapped monitor will be most suitable, though windows may even have other windows assigned as their parents. New windows are visible by default.
Syntax window.create(table parentTerm, number x, number y, number width, number height [, boolean visible])
Returns table terminal object
Part of ComputerCraft
API window


Grid paper.png  Example
Defines a 20 width and 10 height window within the current terminal display at X:15/Y:5, then fills it with white.
local myWindow = window.create(term.current(),15,5,20,10)