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This is an explanation for the "help" script. For the API, visit help (API).

"help" is a shell command for CraftOS which can provide usage information for other shell commands included within ComputerCraft. Typing "help" alone gives usage info for the "help" script itself; typing "help <scriptName>" provides details on the script specified, if available.

Currently (at the time of ComputerCraft 1.74), a sample read-out of simply entering "help" is:

Welcome to CraftOS!
Type "programs" to see the programs you can run.
Type "help <program>" to see help for a specific program.
Type "help programming" to learn about programming.
Type "help whatsnew" to find out about new features.
Type "help credits" to learn who made all this.
Type "help index" to see all help topics.

Entering "help programming" returns:

To learn the lua programming language, visit

To experiment with lua in CraftOS, run the "lua"
program and start typing code.
To create programs, use "edit" to create files,
then type their names in the shell to run them. If
you name a program "startup" and  place it in the
root or on a disk drive, it will run automatically
when the computer starts.

To terminate a program stuck in a loop, hold Ctrl+T
for 1 second.
To quickly shutdown a computer, hold Ctrl+S for 1
To quickly reboot a computer, hold Ctrl+R for 1

To learn about the programming APIs availiable,
type "apis" or "help apis".
If you get stuck, visit the forums at for advice and