Lua Resource Pack Making (Tutorial)

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Not complete. Needs MORE imaging, more in-depth instructions, etc.

What is a Lua Resource Pack?

A Lua Resource Pack (or LRP, as the wiki page will be calling it) is a resource pack which can add Lua files to the ROM directory and even create treasure disks! How cool is that?!

Anyway, lets get to it!

Tutorial for ROM modification

Step 1: Create resource pack folder

Create a folder for your resource pack files. My resource pack files will be stored in ResPack.

LRP Step1.png

Step 2: Creating the required folders

Now, in your resource pack folder, create a 'assets' folder, then inside that, a 'computercraft' folder, then inside that, a 'lua' folder. Your current folder setup should look like this:

LRP Step2.png

  • The above image will be redone Soon™.

Step 3: Creating the ROM folder

Nearly done, I promise! Create a new folder called 'rom' in your 'lua' directory.

LRP Step3.png

Step 4: ROM modification

Your pretty much done! Create whatever files and folders you want in that folder! Remember, all of those will go into the ROM!

Treasure Disk Making

Note: Treasure Disks are depreciated and disabled by default.

May as well since I'm here. Could do with images. --Lupus590 (talk) 17:31, 21 October 2015 (UTC)

Follow the steps above and but stop before you make the rom folder (having a rom folder will not cause any issues but you don't need one if you only want treasure disks)

Make a folder called "treasure".

Inside the treasure folder, make another folder, the name of this folder will be the author of the disk

Make another folder inside the one you just named, the name of this new folder will be the name of the disk.

Any files and folders in the name folder will be in your disk.

Special Folders

Some folders inside of the rom folder will cause a special effect. It should be noted that if you have a folder with one of these names inside of another folder then the folder with a special name will not be special. Only folders with one of these names immediately within the rom folder will have a special effect.

Nested bullet points are nested folders, for example the second entry is actually apis/turtle

  • apis - any files in the folder will be loaded as an api when the computer boots
    • command - any file in this folder will be loaded as an API, but only if the computer is a command computer. It should be noted that command computers will also load the default APIs
    • turtle - like above but with turtles
  • autorun - any files in this folder will be ran when the computer boots
  • help - any files in this folder will be available in the help program
    • licenses - licensing information goes in this folder
  • programs - any files in this folder will be added to the 'system path' allowing the program to be called from anywhere in the computer
    • advanced - these are programs which are only available on advanced computers
    • command - like above but with command computers
    • pocket - like above but with pocket computers
    • turtle - like above but with turtles
    • fun - games and such like worm
      • advanced - like above but only on an advanced computer
    • http - files in this folder will only be available if the http API is enabled in the ComputerCraft config file
    • rednet - speculation: only appear if a modem is attached?