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May 26 2012
I don't learn programming well from books. I learn best by doing. For example, I'm learning JavaScript by messing around with Sphere. It's going well.

When I first heard of the ComputerCraft mod, after geeking out, I decided this was a great opportunity to learn Lua, so that's what I'm going to do. I had considered FCEUX, but it's a bit too intimidating.

My machine is decrepit, so I can't do it if one doesn't already exist, but I'd love to see a Minecraft server dedicated to ComputerCraft. I think it'd be neat to have a virtual space where people are writing and sharing ComputerCraft programs. It'd be a great place to help newbies (just log onto the server, start messing around with the computers and ask for help when needed), to beta test and bugfix, and of course, to share finished programs.

I imagine we'd build a city - steel skyscrapers and all - filled with computer rooms, actual ComputerCraft LANs and WANs and an in-server network with "web"pages, email and all that good stuff. A world and an internet within the server! If such a server already exists, let me know. Add to my Talk page or feel free to edit this page.

~~ Mooch