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The CCGPU peripheral is an addon for ComputerCraft which allows you to do OpenGL operations within computercraft using Lua. The peripheral currently comes with two elements: a GPU peripheral and a Monitor output device. This is not to be confused with the CCLights2 GPU peripheral, which is a different GPU peripheral.


A GPU can be attached to a Computer on all sides except for the bottom. The GPU peripheral comes with it's own API featuring extra methods that cannot be accessed using peripheral.wrap.

You can find the GPU api over here

Graphics Devices

A graphics device operates on a certain frequency (corresponding to a GPU's id) and has an id indicating which buffer it is bound to. All graphics devices have a certain resolution corresponding to the resolution of the graphics they can handle.

Graphics Output Devices

Output devices are used to display a certain output buffer to the user.


The Monitor block can be placed facing up to 4 directions and

Graphics Input Devices

Currently CCGPU doesn't have any default input devices. A camera might be added in the future.

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