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This is an explanation for a peripheral. For the API, visit Peripheral (API).

A Peripheral is a Minecraft block which can be controlled using the Peripheral API. Sometimes this is the main purpose of the block, e.g. for monitors and printers. Other times, it is merely incidental to the block's main purpose.

Built-in peripherals

ComputerCraft itself includes some peripherals. Specifically:

For a full list of ComputerCraft peripherals, see Category:Peripherals.

Mod Peripherals

Many mods add blocks which are peripherals. If this is the main purpose of the mod, it is often called a peripheral mod. Most such mods are listed within the Peripherals and Turtle Upgrades section of the ComputerCraft forum.

Some mods, notably OpenPeripheral, add a peripheral ability to blocks which don't normally have it (such as chests).

See Category:User Created Peripherals.